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A journey under the stars:

A journey under the stars is a musical interpretation of a long journey, a journey built on conviction and hope. Through deserts, wilderness and mostly under a starry sky. The purpose of the journey is to find and salute a forthcoming king, born in simplicity – in a stable. A king who cares about salvation for the world. And those travellers on this journey don’t need any further presentation.  The three wise men.

This album reflects a future where man has been contacted by extraterrestrials. Planet X is based on the possibility of life on other worlds.


An album that challenges different styles of music but still with the frame in the electronic music area. This album concerns our ancient history and its awakening. It can be seen as a Pre album to the larger "Roots and legends from the north" Which is also a production of Johan Tronestam.

This album was created in 2011

This CD is partly inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's 2010. The idea of how the extraterrestrial super-intelligence is traveling at the speed of thought. Being able to move around and admire the endless universe fireworks. " I'm Already there" - Dave Bowman

This album concerns an ancient time when man appeared and moved around in the northern areas of the world. With this album I want to connect the subject to instrumental tones based on electronic music. I've been trying to give the music a sense of mystery, folk tones and still maintain the electronic basis.

"Roots and legends from the north" contains 10 tracks about a time that today exists only in our minds, traditions, legends and dreams. My wish is to invite you to an inner journey, into something that caught me and inspired me to create this music.


Impressions is Johan Tronestams sixth album, this is only released digitally. It includes some of the composer's deep inspiations sources.

A journey under the stars is a musical interpretation of a long journey, a travel built on conviction and hope. Through deserts, wilderness and mostly under a starry sky. The purpose of this journey is to find and salute a forthcoming king, born in simplicity – in a stable. The albums main characters are the wise men that saw the sign in the sky and began their journey.

Released 06 December 2013

This album started back in 2002, it was a far-reaching work that stopped up and resumed again several times. All tracks were completed January 2005. The album has remained since then with no thought of publication; the reason has been the quality of the sound. A new mastering was done in 2013 but without altering the former recording. The journey under the star is released as a free album.

Free for download at Bandcamp

This album was created in Lemland / 2013-2014. Composed, performed and mastered by Johan Tronestam at TeamQuasar studio

Produced by Johan Tronestam 2014

Released 19 July 2014 at SynGate Records

The term Compunctio

Gregory the Great (ca 540–604) spoke about compunctio, the holy pain.

The grief somebody feels when faced with that which is most beautiful i

s both a reminiscence and a fore-taste of the divine world.

Originally compunctio was a medical term that described intense

physical pain, but when Gregorius used the word he spoke

about a spiritual pain.

The bittersweet experience stems from human home-lessness in an

imperfect world, human consciousness of, and, at the same time, a

desire for perfection.

This inner spiritual void becomes painfully real when faced with beauty.

There, between the lost and the desired, the holy tears are formed.

– Owe Wikström,

professor in Psychology

of Religion at the

University of Uppsala

This album was created in Lemland / Åland March 2014 - February 2015

Composed, performed and mastered by Johan Tronestam

Produced by Johan Tronestam 2015

Released 20 April 2015 at SynGate Records

The album Roswell has been in my mind for many years, to create a music album about the incident in New Mexico 1947

The first track for the project was created in March 2014

The incident in Roswell has created echoes in the rest of the world. From a news program on the radio 1947 to a world full of ideas, witnesses, facts, documentaries, books, movies, conspiracy theories, etc.

I take no personal position, but I'm full of questions that have not received any answer despite government information and denial.

Why should witnesses, residents, military personnel and radio owners be less credible than the state?

Obviously, these were a lot of unrealistic witness stories, but aside from them persists ordinary people who experienced something different to the everyday life

My thoughts often go to the RAAF Major Jesse Marcel who had to bear an unacceptable load for life

This album has material from releases during the period 2010-2013. The material comes from Planet X, Stories from the dawn, Far away, Roots and legends from the north and Impressions. Most of the tracks have been mastered again for this album, the tracks have got a lift from the original with more dynamism and a few changes on some.


released December 17, 2015

Johan Tronestam introduces his third album at Syngate Records under the title "The Long Journey".

This album has been a work in progress for many years. I started working with the first track in 2008.

"The long journey" is influenced by the astronomer and author Peter Nilson (1937-1998), and by Harry Martinson´s space poem "Aniara".

”The long journey” reflects a future where man has developed the possibility to travel to other stars. But not without misstakes. The journey becomes much longer than it was supposed to. Harry Martinson´s book Aniara ends in tragedy, with a broken spaceship out into the eternity without the ability to slow down. "The long journey" is not a one-way ticket, these passengers will see the starting point of the journey again .

I dedicate this album to my mother who suddenly had to leave this earth in January 2016 - Thank you for everything.

Johan Tronestam

The album "Arthur went above the clouds" has been a magical journey and conceptually been formed by Arthur C. Clark's amazing books and vision of the future. Clarke has also been a great assistance in the development of technology for space missions.

This album contains 9 tracks that were selected out of 20 tracks created for the project, so the album might get a sequel

The album is dedicated to Johan Tronestams beloved Father who suddenly had to leave this earth in March 2016 - he was a dreamer and full of ideas.

And to the author Arthur C. Clarke

This album was created in Lemland/Åland 2015-2017.

It's about space and has a connection to my previous space albums and connects everything to an entirety - Space is a source of inspiration, a mystery that will give humanity a continuousunderstanding

/Johan Tronestam

released June 2, 2017

The idea for the album Luther started in 2015 after visiting Wartburg. It was a mighty feeling to enter the room where Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Latin to German. The translation gave citizens the opportunity to have their own relationship with God and to reflect on the written word, which was not possible before.

This album is a musical interpretation of the historical person Luther at a time when everything was changing. Martin Luther chose the monastic life because of a thunderstorm.

He promised to give his life to God if he was saved. In 1507, Martin Luther was primed and 1508 he began teaching theology at Wittenberg University. He later ended up in a serious confrontation with the Catholic church. He despised the way the church ruled the people with greed and corruption, and held them in fear of hellfire. Luther believed that people should be able to have their own relationship with God, and the right to feel safe and loved.

My musical interpretation is not made to offend or hurt anyone. The project is an interpretation of what is historically documented. I have for example visited the Vatican City and Wartburg. It has inspired me.

Best wishes – Johan Tronestam

released November 11, 2017

This is a collaboration between a space music composer and a creator of instrumental ambient music. The work started with one track and finally gave a complete album. The result gave something new to both composers and will hopefully be satisfying for the listeners.

released December 1, 2017

Sadly, the composer Wolfgang Gsell passed away in December 2017

The collaboration was fantastic, but the two composers could never enjoy the common result and how the music was met by listeners and music pages.

But dear Wolfgang's all compositions lives on.

The idea for the album Midgard started in 2015, but the first track was made in february 2017. The inspiration behind this work is J.R.R. Tolkien's book The Silmarillion. The subject opens up too many thoughts and ideas. Have there been powerful times which we today have no knowledge of? Times that have been lost and today are only myths. Echoes from the past without any anchoring. If so, what happened to these cultures? Apart from the world of Tolkien there are enormous amounts of myths of ancient times in different cultures, written by known cultures that are seen as our cultural cradle. They describe times that go beyond our ability to verify.

For example, there is a link between ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese stories of even older times where persistent rulers ruled powerful kingdoms. Also descriptions which has its beginning in supernatural rulings.

– Johan Tronestam

released May 1, 2018

This album reflects on a future in which

mankind gets in contact with an

extraterrestrial civilsation.

The original album was

released in 2010

Now remastered in 24 bit (2018)

There are 3 new tracks as a bonus,

they were created for the album but

never included in the 2010 release.

All tracks were recorded in

Teamquasar studio 2008-2010.

released June 21, 2018

Cosmic drama is a philosophical emergence after my previous album Space Collection. I am constantly experiencing an affinity with the eternal that attracts and gives rise to amazing thoughts, which also travels anywhere without depending on time or space. 

When I was a kid my teacher said I had too much imagination within me. Today I see it as a gift that has strongly built up my abstraction ability. Likewise the artistic ability Cosmic Drama does not give the subject its proper value but reflects the longing, thoughts and desires that the universe gives us. 

Track 6 is a tribute to a good friend, Wolfgang Gsell who is no longer with us. A person who loved the universe and was himself filled with an artistic magic I appreciated very much. The album also pays tribute to Stephen Hawking, one of the modern era's biggest theorists which brought us closer to the intriguing questions about the universe. 

Johan Tronestam

released June 1, 2019

Next Step is an album inspired by the idea of colonizing planets and moons in the Solar System. The dream of taking a next step into the unknown, experiencing a new frontier land. Actually, this adventure has already begun with the exciting step taken by space travel in the 60s. The big steps are still to come, with our children of today and future generations. There are two future details that feel as if they will be ground breaking. One being stationed on the moon, the other our first trip to Mars. Thereafter, a great adventure continues and will grow as long as we strive forward.

As an album, Next Step is part of my earlier space-influenced albums. The previous album Cosmic Drama is the closest, but this passion for the universe was already started with the album Far Away (2012).

Next step was created in studio TeamQuasar on Åland. Some of the tracks are a bit older and others were created in the fall / winter 2019. The material for the album was originally 135 minutes of music which eventually became 8 selected tracks with almost 80 minutes of music. I hope this album provides a musically positive experience and that my interpretation of a continuing human quest for space shines through.

Johan Tronestam

released June 1, 2020

Cosmic Steps moves in exactly the same area as the previous album Next Step. Next Step was inspired by the idea of colonizing planets and moons in the Solar System. Cosmic Steps takes us one step further through the concept of interstellar spaceflight. Travelling to other star systems and probably discovering planets that are beneficial to humans is probably still a long way off. Johann Sebastian Bach who is one of my favorite composers died over 270 years ago. Maybe that is the time it takes until we can travel to other stars with the same ease as we put a rover on Mars. But one day, our future civilization will wave to its pioneers who embark on an unbelievably long journey through interstellar space - Fantastic achievements and truly Cosmic steps.

Cosmic Steps is also a concluding album of previous interpretations of the depths of space and man’s dream of colonization.

Cosmic steps was created in studio TeamQuasar on Åland during spring of 2020 to February 2021. The album contains 8 tracks which is about 80 minutes of music. I hope this album provides a musically positive experience and a longing for what is impossible today but probably made possible tomorrow.

Johan Tronestam

released april 29, 2021

Androids has been an exciting album to create. Developments in artificial intelligence and androids have been very rapid and are constantly evolving faster. Powerful processors, advanced software and other technology create better capabilities for a more human response and androids that can move more like humans. It attracts and scares us at the same time.

For example, there are countless movies and TV series that move within the area. Androids that are good or evil, for the most part they have a strength that no human can measure up to, as well as an intelligence that is superior to us.

But will the androids that we see in the film world become a reality, will we eventually have self-thinking, created individuals in our vicinity?

If the answer is yes, ethical issues arise that are larger than Asimov's robot laws. We will make demands on androids, but should they also be covered by a protection similar to human rights? Or will it become more like a slave trade where they are lawless and can be treated without any ethical principles? If they become self-thinking and aware of their existence, the question is very simple to me. We are equal. J

ohan Tronestam

released March 19, 2022