About Johan Tronestam

A composer in the electronic music  area

Johan Tronestam played earlier in various music groups, but has for a long time concenrated on writing instrumental synth music. The music is created in his own studio. His music is very personal. But has influences from Vangelis, JM Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Tim Blake, Neuronium, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and similar artists. The major focus is on his own music, he has managed to create six complete albums available for sale. Currently he is working on the completion of three new projects, of which two have all the materials completed .

Briefly: memories from the beginning.....

My father is a musician and there for we had alot of music instruments in my parental home. He wanted me to become a violin player, but my favorite was the electric organ. So i guess it started there.

When I heard the reccord Oxygene with Jean Michel Jarre for the first time something happennd inside me. It was like open new doors for me and I knew that i had to have synthesizers. But synthesizers are very expensive things for a teenager. I was a student and I didn't have that money so the music store became my second home. I remember when I finally could afford it, and when I had equipment at home - A day I'll never forget

Towards the Stars: An article about the composer

Johan Tronestam:

Influenced by the early synth masters, such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, as well as the progressive rock of Pink Floyd and Yes, Tronestam draws sounds from his synths that sweep like plasma fields projecting from the Sun or shift like the light of fading suns. The effect is neither entirely naturalistic nor abstract, but instils the feeling of moving through four dimensions in proximity to almost nothing else.

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Luther (2017)

A review of the new album Luther by Synth&Sequences

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Synthesizers that I have used or are using

Siel Opera 6 – Korg Poy 800 – Roland SH 101 – Roland Juno 1 and 2 – Crumar Bit 01 – Roland D50 – Korg Trident – Korg Polysix – Korg MS 20 – Kawai SX 210 – Kawai k1 II – Kawai K4 r – Roland Juno 60 – Paia 4700 J – Roland Super JX – Gem WS 2 – Roland JX 8P – Korg M3R – Yamaha CS 40M – Roland D 10 – Roland Juno 106 – Yamaha SK 30 - Roland JP-8000 – Alesis QSR - Roland XP-80 - Korg Kronos - Roland GAIA - Roland Jupiter-80 - Access Virus KC - Korg Prologue 16 - Waldorf Blofeld - Korg EX-8000 - Roland XV 5080 - Roland XV 5050 and more...


Software Instruments:

Arturia V-collection - Arturia SEM - Atmosphere - Omnisphere - Halion - Groove Agent - Komplete - UVI and more...